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Ningbo Actmix

Ningbo Actmix is a leading manufacturer of Polymer-bound Pre-dispersed Rubber Chemicals & additives masterbatch in China mainland. Ningbo Actmix has passed IATF16949, ISO14001 & ISO45001 management system certification.

As one of the professional manufacturers of pre-dispersed Rubber Chemicals Masterbatch, Ningbo Actmix uses the international advanced technology and equipments, production systems achieved to continuous,automated, security & clean; and formed the high activity, high dispersibility & mixing efficiency of core technology of rubber chemicals masterbatch range. Ningbo Actmix can customize the different active content and binder of pre-dispersed rubber chemicals masterbatch, and use the filter (Min.100µm) to remove impurity.

Ningbo Actmix produces the pre-dispersed rubber chemicals masterbatch with performance of[high stability,high dispersibility, high uniformity"; which widely application for high-end rubber industry field, such as automotive rubber sealing strip, foaming materials, reducing shock, sealing products etc, affirmed by many of high-end customers.

Brand Name
Actmix® - Rubber Chemical Masterbatch Rubber Chemical Masterbatch